Don’t wait to act.

Your car or truck is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. How well you take care of it will ultimately determine how long it lasts. Make a decision that will ensure you and your family’s safety and security – before and after the accident.


If you are in an automobile accident, ALWAYS go over the following checklist:

1. If you have suffered automobile damage, immediately determine if your car is safe to drive. Never operate an unsafe motor vehicle!

2. Determine where and when you want your vehicle repaired. Waiting too long can increase the risk of further damage to your vehicle, so it is important that you get yours into a quality auto repair shop before things get worse. Good auto body shops come with excellent reputations. Ask trusted family and friends for their recommendations, or check Yelp for community references. Make sure to ask what kind of warranties the shop provides.

3. You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate. It is common to see differences between estimates. Our advice? Don’t look at the amount, look at what’s included in the shop’s estimate. Woodland Auto Body is happy to explain any difference to you so you know exactly what services you’re getting.

4. Insurance companies have a right to look at your vehicle. But only you get to decide which way is best. You can go to the insurance company (if they have a drive-in location), the insurance company can come to you, or you can have the insurance company inspect your vehicle at the auto body shop. Many insurance companies now offer some form of a direct repair option where they work with the auto body shop of your choice directly. Before you agree to anything, discuss your options with Woodland Auto Body. We strive to be of service every step of the way.

5. Let Woodland Auto Body help you with your insurance claim. The more we can do, the less you have to do. No fuss, no phone tag, no wrong answers, no run around. Not only do we fix your car, we handle your claim from start to finish. Let our experts guide you through the repair process so you can focus on what matters.